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Carol-Parks-2015-v2Carol Parks writes extensively for alternative health, natural health, holistic health, supplements, and natural medicine, for both companies and health practices.

She’s been a personal advocate for supplementation, active exercise, and natural health her entire adult life – long before it went mainstream.

Watching her father die of diabetes, heart failure, and kidney failure took her convictions to a whole new level. As they say, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” She figured she better get this health thing figured out, or diabetes might take her down too.

Her father used to tease her about her many daily supplements – a whole basket full taken on every road trip to visit. She always countered, “That’s so I don’t have to take 25 meds that fight each other and cause scary drug interactions.”

Unfortunately, it was too late for her father.

But in the twelve years since she started writing alternative health sales letters, promotional emails, websites, and more, she’s convinced millions of people to buy supplements, live a healthier lifestyle, visit holistic medical doctors, and so much more.

During the past dozen years, she’s also cranked up her personal commitment to natural health. In other words, she walks her talk. And urges others to do so.

If you’re a natural health marketer looking for an alternative health or holistic health copywriter contact Carol today to discuss your upcoming project(s). You’ll be hard-pressed to find a winning copywriter with more conviction, or is a stronger natural health advocate than Carol is.

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