Branding Your Company with Right Color Choices

BRAND spelled with rainbow letters for color branding

Attitudes and perceptions about your business will mimic the colors you choose for marketing your business.

So it should go without saying that you choose colors that reflect how you want to be known. And mind you, that’s not necessarily your own personal favorite color.

Here’s what you should know about branding with color…

First of all, don’t copy the color and branding of your competitors, unless you want to intensify that competitive factor.

Next, think about what different colors suggest about you or your company. For example…

  • Blue is never used for food.
  • Green is often used for natural and organic products.
  • Pink is feminine.
  • Gray is masculine.
  • Maroon and gold are associated with higher prices.
  • Red is often linked to lower prices.

Or if you prefer to go by what psychologists consider the four basic colors…

  • Dark blue – depth of feeling, tranquility, contentment, tenderness, love, affection.
  • Blue-green – persistence, self-assertion, self-esteem, obstinacy.
  • Orange-red – force of will, along with desire, domination, desire, sexuality.
  • Bright yellow – spontaneity, expectancy, originality, exhilaration.

The so-called neutral colors of black, gray and brown can convey a bad attitude. Violet shows taste and graciousness.

What color(s) should you choose?

Decide how you want to be known to your target audience, and tie that to a specific color identity. Then be consistent with it. You are not trying to look like a rainbow here. You want one brand identity, not a mishmash.

Need help with your brand identity?

My consulting services can help you define how you present yourself to your niche.

To unlimited business growth,

Carol Parks


Carol Parks helps companies strategically write marketing and PR campaigns, and the plethora of marketing collateral every business needs today. She is also available for training your inside writing team and speaking at events. Visit Carol at


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