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Carol Parks

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Carol Parks’ career is defined by her relentless search for fresh marketing strategies and her passion for writing compelling ad copy that elicits sales from today’s crazy-busy consumers and corporate buyers.

Through sharing her fresh strategies and writing copy for online businesses and info-marketers, she helps companies accelerate new customer acquisition and increase their bottom line.



Hiring a professional consultant can bring a fresh perspective, and often helps dramatically bolster sales and build lasting wealth.

If you’re looking for a strategic consultant to help your business grow dramatically, or even exponentially, you may have just found your consultant.

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Connecting with Your Prospects and Getting Them to Say “Yes” is our primary goal. Getting the right marketing message to the right person via the right communication channel is far trickier than first glance would indicate.

But that’s what great copywriting is all about.

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A recent study by ExactTarget found that 77% of consumers prefer getting permission-based marketing promos via email. And among B2B buyers, 72% said they were likely to share useful content via email.

Time to claim some email marketing success of your own. Carol is an email expert and can help you get your emails written with highly clickable subject lines.

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Carol Parks’ speaking presentations range from one hour keynote addresses to four hour half-day programs or seminars. In addition, longer programs that are formatted as workshops with activities can be arranged.

Carol has an uncanny ability to easily convey exciting marketing, copywriting, business, and life principles to her audience.

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What do people say about CAROL PARKS?


Carol Parks has been writing promotional copy for our company for the past four months. Our goal is always to find copywriters who can express our marketing message by engaging our prospects’ emotions. We don’t always succeed with that goal. But we’re really glad to have found Carol. She is definitely up to the task, and we keep finding more projects for her to complete. Not only does she write compelling copy… She also engages in relevant marketing discussions and asks pertinent questions that reveal she’s a true ‘partner’ willing to go the extra mile in contributing to the success of our company. I heartily recommend Carol Parks as a talented copywriter, marketer and a great person to work with.

Steven Sisskind, M.D.
CEO, Real Dose Nutrition


I began using Carol to provide content for my web-based newsletter over five years ago. She’s continually aware of current studies, suggests content ideas, and has never been late on providing our agreed-upon content. There have even been occasions when as a favor, I’ve asked her to jump high hurdles and submit articles early. And almost without exception, she has made that happen… sometimes seemingly magically. As my business has grown, I’ve retained Carol to increase the frequency of her articles and she has helped us launch and grow our social media efforts as well. I appreciate the thoroughness of her research, the clarity of her writing… and the fact that she’s always willing to go the extra mile unless it’s humanly impossible. I believe she does her utmost to understand and respect my time constraints as a business owner. I would recommend you get Carol for your copy needs too!

Lee Euler
Successful Serial Entrepreneur, Master Copywriter, and CEO of CancerDefeated.com


Carol assisted Dan Kennedy on a multi-faceted client project for which he wanted special “in-the-trenches” research conducted from someone having a personal connection to the target audience. They worked together on this project for several months. Here’s what Dan Kennedy said afterwards: “Her insights were provocative, and she provided meaningful contributions to the end-result copy.

Dan S. Kennedy
Consultant, Copywriter, Author of The Ultimate Sales Letter and 7 Popular No B.S. Books, Successful Multi-Millionaire & Serial Entrepreneur


Carol consistently provides our company with powerful writing that helps us achieve our mission to reach more people with health truths.

Joseph Mercola, D.O.
Physician & Founder of Mercola.com


It's not every day that one gets to work with a best-selling author as a marketing consultant and publicist. Clearly, Carol offers a competitive advantage and her clients will reap the benefits! Highly recommended… especially for selling effectively to women.

Paula Williams
Marketing Director at AeroStar Training Services, LLC

Habib Wicks, CEO of Peertrainer

As an entrepreneur and business owner, I must be visionary, swift to act on good ideas, craft marketing messages that bring in new customers, and get a positive ROI. Unfortunately, we’d had negative experiences with writers being ‘bossy’, overbearing, and frankly, not very good marketers… so we were admittedly a bit skeptical before we hired Carol. I knew how it felt to be burned by writers who didn’t ‘get it’. Fortunately, Carol Parks does… We recently asked her to write direct response sales copy for our online weight loss business. We are ecstatic with the work she did for us… SO HAPPY with the results!
Carol REALLY listened to everything we said, listened to and read everything we sent her… put her professional copywriting spin on it, and turned out amazing copy with a riveting marketing message. She managed to embed class and subtlety into her copy and consulting – while not running roughshod over the parts of our business which were already doing well. We feel she gave us the ultimate in brand building. And boosted our results and revenue… If you’re looking for a marketing and copywriting expert who understands marketing… who will truly partner with your team to take your business to the next level… and who above all, listens to your words and sees with your vision… then you want the professionalism of Carol Parks.

Habib Wicks
CEO & Co-founder, PEERtrainer.com

Derek Freund

Carol Parks is a masterful marketer and copywriter. During the past three or four years that I have been professionally associated with Carol, I continue to be impressed with the thoroughness and ‘practical’, profitable application she brings to every project. Certainly, her background in the trenches doing face-to-face selling directly translates to her terrific ad-copy. She invests her time understanding your prospect and is known to tape a photo of a client’s prospect on her computer as she works. She doesn’t just dive into the copy— first she researches your product or service to discover the golden nuggets, understanding your prospect and getting a grip on their emotional hot buttons. She truly loves the challenge of adding zeros to the end of whatever number your promos have previously generated. I have no doubt that whatever marketing task you put before Carol, she will serve your needs and go way beyond expectations. Moreover, she’ll do it all with a smile and a wonderful attitude. I couldn’t be more pleased to have her participation in our SE Michigan Chapter of the Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle and Mastermind groups. I am proud to have Carol Parks as a colleague and somebody I frequently recommend. As a No B.S. Certified Advisor and Chapter Director of the S.E. MI Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, I understand the rigors she goes through. So believe me when I say that I get what it takes to service clients, write great copy, and juggle the time demands of multiple clients.

Derek Freund
Rogue Marketing Group, Glazer-Kennedy Insiders Circle, Brighton, MI

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